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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Wednesday, 10 January 2007
My Diary
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OKAY, MY DIARY FOR TODAY: Hey, before I start, I was going to start up  a new blog and call it "The Thoughts of Gledwood" — and I'd just leave it all blank... wah-waaah!....

I'M FIGHTING A BATTLE WITH CRACK. It's not like I take loads of it, (though I have done at certain times that are hopefully long gone never to return)— but when I do have a tenner spare, that's automatically what it goes on.

I want to be able to say (truthfully, of course) that I've turned my back on that stuff for good. Because I don't really like it. I don't like people who take it. (I do like the way it makes me feel in the short term, but that doesn't necessarily contradict the above: think about it.)

I could have posted earlier that I'd suffered and beat that craving. Because I turned down the opportunity of scoring. Then, idiot that I am, I got itchy feet and did end up going up to a certain park. No-one was there, so I rang the dealer. Turns out police had come and grabbed his stash-bag (and presumably his runner too, though of course he didn't say that on the phone), so "nothing's happening for a little while" (which means, no doubt, all afternoon). So I hared off home and scored in the next street from me. Bigger "rock" but quality not nearly as good.

And so the battle rages on...

Posted by gledwood at 7:01 PM GMT
Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007 7:14 PM GMT

Wednesday, 10 January 2007 - 8:22 PM GMT

Name: "Shaunna"
Home Page:

Hey, I saw your comment on my blog...interesting that you got to it randomly (I sometimes succumb to that next blog button myself).  The link above is my main site.  The pictures actually come from a computer game called The Sims 2 (not sure if you are firmilliar with it).  And the blog is actually a story of my creation from the game.  Players of the game write challenges and we blog the challenges so that we can see what eachother are doing with the game.  There are actually several blogs out there similar to mine, an entire web ring in fact!

I've read a bit of your struggles, and actually can sympathize.  One of my best friends is addicted to is quite a difficult thing, and I commend you for putting your thoughts and feelings out there.  Interesting how diffrent our blogs are from one another, yet in a way we both find comfort and joy in sharing our words.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment...Shaunna

Thursday, 11 January 2007 - 6:11 PM GMT

Name: "chipper"
Home Page:

Good for you!  I know how hard the cravings are.  They tdefy logic.

Crack destroys relationships.  My girlfriend and I are no longer together because of the person she becomes when she smokes crack.  As long as she stays away from rocks she's incredible and wonderful.  But when she takes a hit off that pipe, she turns into a monster.

If she could stay away from crack, we' d be together.  No doubt about it.

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