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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Monday, 15 January 2007
Stressful Day
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: Daily Doings

FURRY SCALEXTRIC?? Yes indeed: I woke up between intermittent sloom between 5:30 and 6:00am and sure enough the Mouster has escaped my bedroom sleeve and is playing Furry Scalextrics full-on having a manic dart in all corners of my room (and it only takes a matter of a split couple of seconds surely for him to ping from one corner to the other).

It's a stressful day. I lay down and slept in the late afternoon but when I was up I was well and truly up. I hate being over-busy: I feel like everyone wants a bit of me. Their own personal chunk of flesh.

Craving a drink, a bath, a cigarette all at once I "darted" round Sainsbury's — though sadly at nothing approaching Chinese Mouster speed — fresh wholegrain tagliatelle, cod in parsley etc. Even my toothpaste had run so totally out I didn't want to talk to anyone today without putting my head in a plastic bag.

Rode bus. Backwards. Which does nothing to put me in a good mood. Innerly growling at the driver not to stop anywhere except my stop and yes just run down the pedestrians I don't care. Get me home NOW.

At home was just seething so much like a pan boiling over when the phone rings. I hit the roof. It is Pascal to do with 2 dealers with the same name and which one would I have seen this morning. I didn't really have time for this kind of talk but ever so politely I bore with him. Thankfully all my cooking was at least on the hob and bubbling merrily by now.

Pascal got cut off (not my doing. Don't laugh! No! Honestly!!) so I darted downstairs and ran hot bath. Meanwhile I miss his call back. Grrr...

Have rapid bath. Feel so much better for it. Also my teeth don't feel like bits of ten-year-buried ballpoint pen any more. Seeing as I cleaned them with 49p Sainsbury's own "total care" (totally careless in my case) „Zahnpasta“.

All this time I was gulping down cyder. It did eventually make me feel better. Except my veins behaved so badly for my "calming" hit I have one "works" half-full of blood. And the hit I did get in, went in partly in my left ankle (playing up so I removed it) and finally in my right foot. Which is not particularly pleasant. Injecting an acidified mixture right there.

So I'm not so much hitting the roof (trust me, if I were, I don't know I could handle computer foibles enough to be posting this now. Know what I mean?)

My wonderful heroin overdose story is posted below. I'm still in the process of cleaning it up. Rephrase: it's incomplete at the time of writing so bear with me. But have a pleasant time reading it anyway.

Okay, kiddos:— just keying this down's giving me renewed stresses. So I'll see yers later then,


Posted by gledwood at 8:50 PM GMT

Monday, 15 January 2007 - 9:46 PM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
Home Page:

LETTRE A MOUSIE LA PLUMPIEMOUSIENNE... Ceci c'est le lettre de Gledwood a Mousie en Bretagne... Il m'a fallu le transferer pour vous amuser les non-francophones plumpiemousiennes...gledwood said...

Bonjour, Mousie! Ca va? "Long time, no hear" comme on dit en angleterre.
Moi, je suis tres fatigue au jour d'hui.
Le souris va courir a six heures du matin. Il m'a echappe le manche ou il dort chaque nuit. J'appele cette situation "furry Scalextrics" (vous avez ce joue en france? C'est un petit grand prix electronique pour le chambre, pour les petits garcons (et les garcons plus vielle).)
Okay, excuse-moi mon francais terrible.(!!)(;->... (il a mange trop des petits pois ca dessin la (;-> ) (+ il n'y a pas des accents sur cet ordinateur. + je n'ai pas un dictionnaire.)
A bientot!

ps au sujet des poemes: j'ai deja entre les plus litteraires; il me faudra en ecrire de nouveau...

1:40 PM

Monday, 15 January 2007 - 11:03 PM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
Home Page:

À Mousie, la Créatrice du Rêve Plumpiemousien.

J'éspère que tu vas bien. OK j'ai trouvé les accents françaises sur mon propre blogue, dans le section commentaire, sous le signe de l'oméga: Ω. Le prochain fois je les utiliserai.

Je vais poster plus des poèmes sur mon blogue éspécial que tu as déja visité.

Moi, je vais transférer cette écriture jusq'au boîte commentaire de ton blogue maintenant.

À bientôt.

—Ton Ami Anglophone: Gledwood xx

Tuesday, 16 January 2007 - 1:29 PM GMT

Name: "chipper"
Home Page:

I was beginning to think that you translated the word "toothpaste" into German ("Zahnpasta") in my honor ... and now I see two glorious addenda here in French!  Your writing in English is talented enough, now we see just how linguistically gifted you really are.

Interesting account of your day.  You seem to be quite keen on cookery.  You must teach us all, recipes!!  As I just arrived here in Germany this morninng I'll have some grocery shopping to do myself.  My cupboards are bare.  It's always this way, by necessity.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007 - 7:16 PM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
Home Page:

No, I knew you spoke something because you said... didn't realize you meant German. I love the German language, though some people (a lot of people) say they don't like it. I think German poetry is amazing...

Yes I speak comedic French and German fairly fluently...

I should think so too the number of years I spent slogging away at them when I could have been doing easier subjects (actually what subject IS easier except English, I don't know but there you are).

Hmmm... Gleds

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