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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Not chilled out. At all...
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Topic: Daily Doings

I AM VERY STRESSED. TRYING to open a new blog. Computers drive me up the wall. Specifically: because they're meant to be logical and yet you cannot bank on EVER using commonsense to get you anywhere!!

THAT is what really GETS TO ME about computers.

Have you noticed? I am being so extremely restrained?

I never pointed this out, but I have, so far, stuck completely to my no bad language rule. And man, I feel so tempted to speak my ordinary gutter English sometimes...

Well let's lighten the subject.

Mousey Scalextrics at 9am yet again. This swine is such a scurrulous scurrier. At one pont he appeared to dart under a discarded sock. I slammed my hand down over said sock as assertively as one could do with one's living 10cm-long pet under it. Mouster was nowhere to be seen!! In that split-second he had pinged... somewhere.

Five minutes pass. He reappears. Same scenario again. Ppph-chaaaaao--!! Gone!

Next time I back him into a corner. Put hands over the darty swine (no point even attempting an immediate pick-up; he would surely hop outta my hands). Carefully and slowly grab him and swiftly remove about 300ft (in mouse-feet) from the floor. Ears down, heart beating harder than I've ever felt it, he peers up at me as if to say, "I was only playing". Yeah— and I'm the Queen Mother. What if I'd have propped open my door and left it? You wouldn't have pinged outside? Oh no, mumbles Mousey, looking at the floor.

Of course I had to have a big shot of heroin to calm me down. Thankfully cyder was already in the house so I was knocking this back through the whole Furry Scalectrix escapade... & I've finally spelt the name right there... Scalectrix is an electronic grand prix game where you assemble track in a figure of eight (or whatever) and the cars go hurtling round. But I'm gonna have to stop playing the unsupervised Mousey version. It is too stressful on us both. I think he would prefer the live locusts.

Oh and that's about all I'm in the mood to tell. I will answer my commentary as soon as I'm placid enough to sit through the inevitable going-in-&-out of pages waiting times...

Posted by gledwood at 6:36 PM GMT

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - 12:08 AM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
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IvyIvyIvy where are you are you online? I'm coming back at 0030 gmt, which is either 4.30pm or 5.30pm your time. Try & talk then? My place or yours don't care. But if mine try & use this one: 2nd posting from top. Okay............................ L8Rs


Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - 12:41 AM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
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gledwood said...

You're not there. I'll be around for the next half hour. I'll most probably be posting something on mine.
PS I did read through loads of yours, it IS very involved so I'll finish it off 2mo.
Take care
Gledwood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:39 PM

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - 9:27 AM GMT

Name: "chipper"
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I miss that fine English cider.  That's the only place you can get it.  So refreshing, and not as high alcohol as beer,.  But I don't need it.  I am doing pretty well staying away from it ... 34 hours now.  And counting.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - 5:14 PM GMT

Name: "Gledwood"
Home Page:

Oh no, I'm afraid mine's "white cyder": being the liquid Brillo-pad sort. Alc 7.5% by volume.

I do drink the posh stuff when I've money. Found 2 litres Strongbow 5%ABV, unopened, in a phonebox the other day...

The nicest is scrumpy...

In fact I remember (dimly) visiting a cyderhouse (which has, so I was told, a different licence from a pub) as a child. I wasn't drinking it so the dimness stems merely from protracted time...!

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