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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Sunday, 26 November 2006
Opium in the UK
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It's actually 2am. And a piece of paper. I am not getting out of bed to use the computer.

    Just had a hit (as if you really wanted to know that). But we're going through one of those periods: the gear is tiddly-weak and yet I read the news today (oh boy!) -- A World Record Heroin Harvest came in last year. & according to The Guardian, "Heroin supply exceeds demand." One doomsayer predicted  on BBC Radio, Victorian opium-dens are prime to make a comeback, UK sezures of raw Opium are soaring at their highest-ever levels.

    I can see the insidious effect Opium might have if it does become widely available here. The student types, backpackers, young people on the Brink of Life who wouldn't go within a mile of the Bad Brown Sugar might well succumb to the supposed "romance" of the Big "O" -- imagery of Romantic Poets, Kublah Khan and Oriental Promise.

    Just because the stuff is weak and sticky and has a thousand years of folklore behind it doesn't mean it wouldn't lead to heroin as surely as the Silk Road leads to China.

    Opium is merely a fancy gateway to a dreary world. An addict is a slave. Opiates make great painkillers for the sick and the dying. But when abused, they're basically drugs of addiction. Heroin doesn't keep "casual users" for long.

    Take it from one who knows!

Posted by gledwood at 12:40 PM GMT
Updated: Sunday, 26 November 2006 12:56 PM GMT

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