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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Sunday, 26 November 2006
If Anybody Out There Sees This -- Please Get Back to Me!
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Topic: Is NEbody out there?

If you're wondering why so many posts in one day it's because those were drafts.

Anyway, is a "blog" meant to be an online diary or not? I've not had too much success trawling the cyberlands for other people's. (I would have said www, but my present address has no "www", does anybody know why?)

Is anybody out there at all? An entire week; well over a billion potential readers and no-one's stumbled across me yet... I've had a stab at registering with a couple of search engines. I don't really know the score re this. If anybody does happen to find this and has the requisite know-how, could you please help me out. I'd be eternally grateful.

Many thanks,


Posted by gledwood at 7:27 PM GMT
Updated: Sunday, 26 November 2006 7:38 PM GMT

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