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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Saturday, 30 December 2006
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New Year’s as good a time as any to count our blessings.

Here’s five things it’s worse to be than addicted to drugs…


5 TERMINALLY ILL — Okay, some of us do have HIV or severe liver disease from Hep C-like viruses, alcohol or both. But a good many of us have little or nothing physically wrong with us. (Many hep C+ people are asymptomatic.) I count myself blessed to be unscathed — considering the risks I’ve taken (and all my friends seem to have the virus) the plain fact that I managed to test hep C negative has to be a miracle from God.

4 A SATANIST — Junkies may be evil in the eyes of the world, but we’re not that evil!

3 PSYCHOTIC — If you’ve ever literally lost your mind due to drugs, their after-effects or mental illness or both, even for a short time, you’ll appreciate, as I do, that sanity is something to be cherished.

2 A SEX OFFENDER — What is it that possesses a grown man in a “civilized” society to lurk in dark alleys waiting for an unsuspecting female to victimize? I do not understand this.

1 BORN IN DAIFUR/RWANDA/anywhere else where you’re likely to be mutilated or killed just for having the wrong religion or even just being born into the wrong tribe...

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Updated: Sunday, 31 December 2006 6:24 PM GMT
Wednesday, 6 December 2006

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Topic: Lists


  • 10 Deepest midwinter
  • 9   Continuing war in Iraq — and our Governments have the cheek to impose budget cuts at home!
  • 8   Antidepressants
  • 7   Taxes
  • 6   Bad books — publishers knock 'em out in their millions
  • 5   Crap television — 300 channels x 24 hours = not a lot
  • 4   Society's crumbling, the world's going to the dogs, what hope is left??
  • 3   Smoking — banned nearly everywhere, even in Scotland. Why?
  • 2   The internet — 'cause it's full of crud. ("Look who's talking!" I hear you cry.)
  • 1   The sheer strain and horror of existence. Cheer up: it's already happened.


  • 10 Not being on drugs. Huge step if you've done it, still one less thing to be depressed about if you were never on 'em.
  • 9   (Relative) peace throughout the land in our Western Democracies
  • 8   Great television — brightens dark evenings
  • 7   Brilliant books — just ignore most things published in the last 100 years...
  • 6   Winter Sun Holidays — for those lucky enough to afford them. There's no place like a tropical beach for perusing that book
  • 5   A nice cup of tea — solves a multitude of ills (can't you tell I'm British...)
  • 4   The internet — where brilliant minds can meet...
  • 3   Plumpie Mousie's blog. Enchanté!
  • 2   Pets — little bits of wildlife that love us and trust us and share our homes
  • 1   Being alive! Aren't we lucky to have made it this far??!

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Updated: Wednesday, 6 December 2006 3:33 PM GMT

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