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Gledwood's Drug Confessions: A Heroin Addict's Blog
Tuesday, 2 January 2007
On Reflection
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ON REFLECTION, I’m starting to feel a little paranoid about the post I put in the other day “five things it’s worse to be…” My point there was supposed to be (and I was writing to myself as much as to anyone else, I don’t call this “Confessions” a “blog-journal” for nothing) — even if you’re a hopeless junkie (and drug addicts adore feeling sorry for themselves) you can count your blessings. Many of us are relatively well in mind and body (I’ve been more ill mentally than I ever was physically).

   What I wasn’t trying to do was to demonize AIDS patients as comparable to rapists or Satanists. All the five points have my sympathy, that was the point of the piece. I wasn’t ridiculing anyone.

   As for the sex offenders, we hear so much about paedophilia etc I feel almost afraid to go near people’s kids sometimes… talking to a young child, what if people get the wrong idea? It’s sad but like many others I suppose, I feel I must stay away.

   A case in the news recently involved a very young little girl having a bath upstairs in her home. A man sneaked in the open front door, took the child out of the bath, ran outside with her, drove off and abused her in some way, dumping the poor frightened child the other side of town some half hour or so later. He got sentenced to life — good. That was a truly monstrous thing to do.

   When I was about ten (and I had very blond and distinctive hair) I used to go to a railway footbridge to wave a Silver Jubilee Union Flag at the trains which would honk loudly in reply (especially the express trains). One day I had only just got there when a man I had never seen before approached me from the other side of the bridge, called me by my right name and said he was supposed to collect me.—!!

   I told him he’d got the wrong person and this man (very nervous-looking the whole time) went away. And I went safely home. I’ve wanted to get that off my chest for some time. Every time I think of it that memory does my head in. I wonder: what if? (This guy looked all wrong. He had nervousness in his eyes like he feared what he was about to do. I saw that. No way on earth was I going with him.)

   Well. What can I say? Telling that story makes me feel kind of shaky inside. I ask myself whether he really did have badness on his mind... I do feel sorry for people who feel compelled to do stuff like that. I know how it feels to be compelled to do something others disapprove of because I take hard drugs. I always used to be anti the death penalty. Now I believe it might be kinder to kill the paedophiles off and put them out of their misery.

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